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We all have been there.
Raving mad, having some of the best times of our lives, BUT hanging the next day, physically and emotionally.
As LOV-TRIBE founder and main designer, holistic therapist, energy healer, yoga teacher, avid music lover and long time party goer, I am happy to provide you with my anti-hangover, anti-aging, always happy tips so you can keep the spirits high when the rush (whether it's natural or not) is over, and be always ready for the next one. 
So when finally the party is over and you are back home: Nurture you mind, body and soul in any possible way.

1) DRINK WATER (and more water..)
Whatever you did at the party-even if it was non stop dancing without alcohol or drugs- your body needs to be rehydrated immediately.
(Fluids will help the lymphatic system to detox your body, and eliminate the unwanted toxins of the night).
If you feel nauseous better drink tiny sips of ice cold water.
If you feel fine still drink -normal temperature- water (it is not "shocking" your body, and the body absorbs it better).
Next day focus on Green Tea (which is more hydrating than water) mixed ideally with some Goggi Berries(their antioxidant effects are magical).


Even if your stomach does not "agree". If alcohol was a bit too much focus on carbs (pasta), a full on protein sandwich (depending on your appetite).
If you are taking drugs "recreationally" on a regular basis, force yourself to eat even if you don’t feel hungry.
Don't let your body using it’s vital essence (the energy within your organs) to recharge.
Doing so, in addition to the lack of regular sleep and the lack of appetite that substances cause, will mathematically lead you to adrenalin burn out within a few months of regular partying.
Prefer organic food (banana, mash potatoes, a piece of ham, avocado, well-cooked pasta).
If not available even junk food - that cold pizza from yesterday- (by junk means fast food that didn’t naturally grow under the sun) will be better than nothing.

Before sleep slow down naturally, ideally with listening to some chill-out after party tunes.
You can find my favourite chill out tunes @
https://lov-tribe.com/blogs/ news/techno-news
P.S: Top favourite is this one: https://soundcloud.com/…/lee-burridge-requiem-for-a-daydrea…

However, the best option is to recharge your cells with energy vibrations by listening to binaural beats
Here is a fine example:
528Hz - Whole Body Regeneration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdmvMc7TZn0&t=3511s
“Vic Showell and John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) have proven that 528Hz is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring.” 
If you are still buzzing and cannot find sleep:BREATHE.
Take a deep breathe of fresh air at the window, closing your eyes, and feeling the air traveling towards your belly, start by counting your breaths up to 5, feeling your belly and torso gently expanding, and exhale smoothly counting up to 5 again, repeating for a few rounds. It should feel good, feeling like floating in a calm sea.
Do not go into heavy forced breathing.
(This technique is scientifically proven to regulate your heart/brain coherence, automatically calming your mind by stimulating the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system - the one responsible for resting and digesting-). 
It also refreshes your brain, bringing oxygen to your whole body.
This technique has also impressive effects against anxiety and chronic stress. 

Last but not least, go for a short walk and if you have some lavender essential oil, put few drops on a tissue and take 2-3 long, slow breaths, it is detoxifying and calming...
Do not over do it as it will wake you up instead of getting you into sleep mode.

Smile to the light of the sun and yourself, don’t blame yourself for having a good time and having partied hard.
Self blaming is one of the worst energies for your body.
Instead, focus on gratitude for your experience and this present moment.
Then *STRETCH your body, up, down, in bed, standing, sitting, in any ways you feel, like a cat..
Most essentially stretch sideways, arms over your head (it's detoxing for the liver and gallbladder)
We have forgotten or never learned that the body is filled with lines of energy called meridians.
When you stretch or give gentle tapping along these lines, you stimulate your whole body. 
These lines of energy are, each attached to an organ (each organ as a particular energy function linked to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies).
*Stretching and tapping provide a self-massage on the outside which will enhance the body function on the inside. Which mean you will look glowing again faster than you would without it. Think of Water, Vitamin C, ...and your usual morning routine...
These techniques takes literally few minutes to get your vibrant inner light to shine again.

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Look at these studies and be amazed. We are working with these facts in mind while designing to bring the best energy to your garment. Affect of colours on the mood, Power of colours and meaning, What you wear can change your brain, Spiritual effect of colours



The party is behind us leaving us with too much alcohol in our system, and it’s disastrous effect on the skin, breath, stamina and digestive system.

10 min is all you need. I applied these exercises after a weekday night out with too many drinks and 4 hours sleep. Going back to work I heard my colleague: ” Wow! how do you look so fresh and healthy after last night party?”.

My answer was plain and simple: By stretching and  breathing consciously we facilitates the removal of waste products, and improve the blood circulation which delivers oxygen, nutrients and hydration to the whole body seriously hit by alcohol consumption.

Following the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) we mainly need to detox the body and particularly stimulate the energy of the liver and gallbladder meridians.


Exercise 1 (90 seconds): Breathe 

Open your window, breath in through the nose the fresh air, exhale out through the mouth (the toxins as vapors) until your belly tense slightly. Repeat 3 x. Be mindful to inhale and exhale naturally, do not over do it, to avoid a rush of oxygen which creates Ph unbalance in the body, and can creates headaches or dizziness. Put your mind into it and think you are exhaling the toxins out of your body.

Exercises 2 (3 min): Open the Liver meridian

Enhance the circulation of blood and energy, by tapping up and down with a loose fist the inside of both legs for few rounds. (this open the liver meridian). Relax and breathe while doing this.

 Exercise 3 (2 min): Side bend liver detox.

On a standing position, clasp your hands together extended over your head and bend at the waist to the side. Inhale deeply then, exhale through the mouth. Inhale and come back slowly to the initial position. Repeat both sides between 6 and 18 times. To enhance the purging of the liver meridian whilst doing these poses exhale with the sound “SHUUUU” each time, as if you were shuuushing someone.

 Exercise 4 (2min): Rejuvenating sequence 

Stand with legs open a little wider than the hips with arms open to the side. Place the right hand on the left hip and the left hand on the back of the right hip, bend both knees as though you are seated on  a horse, turn your head to the left, and now look down bending to the left side looking at your heels. Stay for 2 breaths, on the next inhale come back to center position. Repeat on the other side and 3 times each side. Make sure both feet stay grounded on the floor and your hips stay straight and facing forward. No bum going to one side while bending.

Exercise 5 (30sec): Eliminates fatigue (stimulate the lymphatic system)

Opening the chest stimulates detox. To do this, place your hands on your chest with each finger placed in between the ribs just under the clavicle. Press the tip of the fingers on the breast bones, inhale and on the exhale slide your fingers towards your armpits pressing on your chest, repeat 3 times going down the chest but staying above your breast.

Exercise 6 (2min): Raise energy

In a standing position, open your legs much wider than your hips and bend your legs to point the knees to the side so you are forming a rectangle position with your legs Place your right hand on your right knee and left hand on left knee for support. Breath, now stretch the left shoulder forward by rotating the waist so your left shoulder moves towards your right knee with hands still on the knee to support. Do the same for the right shoulder rotating the waist to point towards the left knee.. This stretches the back while gently twisting the spine and organs.

You will now feel great, possibly so great you can go out and do it all again!  Continue drinking water (a lot) for the day, smile and stop thinking about how much you have been drinking, it will only amplify any negative feeling.

This is of course a quick fix .Remember alcohol affects the body in 20 min, but it takes an hour per unit unit of alcohol to get processed by the body…so make it count!

Natural common sense remedies to alleviate the party symptoms:

-Lots of water is required, try to take in at least as much as your alcohol consumption the previous night starting immediately upon awakening to rehydrate the body.

-Simple, plain food such as porridge or low sugar muesli with a banana or figs and some nuts added to a spoon of manuka honey will drastically help with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day (particularly celeriac, fennel, broccoli, beetroot, radish to help detoxify the liver) and some proteins high in good fats like organic salmon or tuna.

-Avoid coffee (as it dehydrates the body, already in serious need of water),

-Avoid having a heavy English breakfast or grabbing a pastry on the way to work (these foods contain excessive bad fats for the liver to break down after too many drink the night before).

Stay safe and healthy! <3



Cement dust and Talcum powder were found in drugs at Gottwood festival. Please read the full article on MIX MAG



It is not a necessity to rave with drugs, but if you do, and have some adverse effects during the party time or after; this fantastic article let you know in details exactly what to do. The most important thing is to minimise the dropdown of the serotonin level in your body. You will find the supplements to take and how to counteract the comedown. INFO HERE



The body and the mind (or creative consciousness) are vibratory energy systems. We are all made of energy. The cells are made of molecules, which are made of protons and neutrons, the source of energy that holds everything together.

These vibrations are perceived as thoughts, heart pulsations, touch and sound frequencies and are imprinted and accessible through our body.

During our waking state, the typical frequency of our brain waves is Beta. Sound move the brain frequencies into the deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies. These are the frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition. Modern medicine can now measure and thus confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing.

Our system uses the music vibrations in various ways to cleanse, recharge and re-program our energy. People feel the sound, hear it and vibrate in resonance with it.

Have you noticed how you feel different/happy after a fantastic time out, when the music was so good, you still have goosebumps thinking about it. The energy of the sound is still imprinted in your system and circulate as a body memory. We feel the vibration, and it has a relaxing effect, with sometimes surprising responses such as wonder, creativity, personal breakthroughs, extreme joy.

This frequency upgrade affects our mind and body directly by changing the electric response of the brain which also alters and affects memory and perception by the slight change in charge within the water in our cells.

All frequencies affect the DNA and consciousness by the response to the internal environment (thoughts) and external environment (music, people). When we are relaxed and let the sound flowing within us, resistances and blockages resolve themselves, even stronger while dancing, sending with our footsteps vibrations from the earth to the whole self through the bones, reaching our brain through the spinal cord. So when you think you are just partying remember you are transforming yourself into a new being, shedding your old skin and renewing yourself.

So keep listening, dancing, it is right for you and the planet.



I just came across this wonderful meditation which will make you as relaxed as you have never been. Prepare yourself by switching your phone, place a mask on your eyes and let you guide by the soft voice of Andulairah. She will take you through a relaxation with breathing while listening to atmospheric cosmic sounds, and then take you to get in touch with your spirit guides. 

Let me know how you feel after this meditation :)

Please follow the link: ANDULAIRAH OF EARTH


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